The Promise

OneAnalytix delivers a complete solution to identify and motivate those customers who are most valuable to your business through data science-driven marketing. We provide you with the means to utilize best practices in AI, machine learning and advanced analytics without the need to hire an army of data scientists. Let us help you improve your customers’ brand experience and grow your profits.

Our Solution

Use the OneAnalytix platform to:

  • Build exceptional levels of loyalty to drive competitive advantage
  • Make better, faster decisions in your marketing programs
  • Prioritize your best customers for individual marketing communications
  • Speak only to those prospects most interested in a program
  • Create more relevant and more personalized promotions
  • Personalize marketing messages and offers so that they are always relevant
  • Calculate propensity to buy to maximize cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Predict churn to optimize retention

Our solution consists of 5 core elements:



Extract and access all of your data:
on-site or cloud-based

OneAnalytix`s  data extraction tools allow users to access all available data and information:

  • Structured transaction data - credit card and banking transactions, retail purchase SKU data
  • Semi-structured data - customer service logs, economic data, other available databases
  • Unstructured data - Facebook, email, other


Store your data in a big data platform
where data becomes a powerful tool

Having all relevant data available for marketing insights gives you a key tool to gain a richer understanding of your customers and their behavior.



Use Business Intelligence tools to view historical trends and determine what happened

OneAnalytix`s  visualization tools allow users to graphically represent all available data to provide a clearer picture of what happened without delay.

No waiting for data scientists or IT to generate the reports for them.


Predict who is most likely to respond to your offer with proprietary analytics and machine learning algorithms; automatically

Our advanced analytics algorithms learn from a customers’ profile and transaction behavior to make accurate decisions; no more predefined rules based on trial & error (heuristics). Opportunities can be identified and implemented in a fraction of the time. Probabilistic estimates of likelihood of response are calculated for each of your customers.



Quickly implement focused campaigns with User Dashboards that non-technical staff will welcome

Programs can be implemented in a fraction of the time that it takes to implement trial and error (heuristicsbased) campaigns.

In essence, we create a "black box" to generate campaign recommendations, allowing marketing staff to use advanced analytics without having to be data scientists.

Our solution is scalable across any size organization through utilization of distributed processing of large data sets. The platform can be locally hosted or cloud-based, depending upon your needs, allowing total flexibility in implementation.